Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whohoo! Updated Finally!

Warning! Picture Overload! Hmmm.....where to start? Christmas has come and gone, but luckily we have plenty of pictures to remind us how great it was.

On Christmas Eve, we went ice-skating with Megan & Carter. The boys were a bit nervous and stayed close to the wall. (except for Nick who got pretty much a "free" ride around the rink by me or Megan! That was a good workout!!!) We came back home and anxiously waited for Kallee, Ashley, Grandpa, & Grandma to arrive. We ate lots of food and headed out to the Botanical Gardens to see the lights. The boys got some very special 3-D glasses that made all the xmas lights look like stars.

Christmas morning was filled with excitement. The boys got an interesting letter from Santa due to the fact that they forgot to leave cookies & milk. We got a trampoline and a basketball hoop so we should be set for a lot of fun (once the weather warms up!) We enjoyed the day with our family.

A few days later - Dec 28th - we celebrated Nick's 4th Birthday! I know, I know - It is hard to believe that Nick is ONLY 4 years old as he pretty much rules this house and the people who live inside of it. It often seems that this is Nick's world and we are all just trying to find our place within it. We sure do love him though. He keeps us all entertained and surprised by the things that he knows. Aunt Kallee took him to Build-A-Bear. Then, we had a little birthday party for him at home. He got a much-wanted pillow pet and train set! We ate cupcakes and then he got his present from mom & dad - a motorized scooter! Happy, Happy Birthday Nick!!

Ryan & Alex started basketball a few weeks ago. They have been having a fun time and learning a lot. Sorry the pictures are kinda grainy. I am also going to post a video of Ryan making a foul shot, but it is kind of dark.


Wendy said...

I think I'd like to make the picture of you three sisters as my screen saver. It is amazing.

Ashley said...

Hmmm...I don't feel good about you posting that sister picture from Christmas moring. Especially now after Wendy's comment. EMBARRASING!!! Though I will add that Kallee does look quite radiant in it! :)

kallee said...! and is "radiant" code for another word...