Friday, February 13, 2009

ALEX: Author & Illustrator

Alex has begun writing his own "books" about Mario & Luigi (of course). He has now written seven of them and taken two to school to read to his class. His teacher said that the kids love it. He even made one of his books into a real "chapter book" with 5 chapters! I took pictures of one of his first books, he even includes a "preview" of what the next book is going to be called.

A Family Band

Yes, like many households across America, we too have joined the fad of "rockband". This is exactly what we do for fun sometimes. Alex is by far the best singer. There is a great video of him singing "Livin on a Prayer" but is very dark and hard to see. Ryan is multi-talented and can play guitar, drums, and sing. Shawn is the guitar-master. I just try to not make the band "fail". Nick basically runs around with everyone telling him to "please move!" Last time Grandpa visited, he even got talked into joining and did pretty good on the drums.