Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Dryer Entertains Nick!

Nick loves climbing. He will try to climb onto or into just about anything. Tonight, he spent approximately an hour climbing in and out of the dryer. He was having so much fun until Alex decided to try and shut the dryer door. Nick didn't really like the complete darkness - He screamed, climbed out, and did not climb back in again.

Ryan's New Obsession - Flag Football

Much to his delight, Ryan was finally old enough to play flag football. He is so excited. He LOVES football. He played in a short scrimmage game last Saturday. I took a few pictures. Notice how "excited" Alex looks about being there. Nick would clap anytime anyone cheered and Alex never looked up from his NintendoDS. Ryan did really well. He loves playing defense and does his best to "tackle" anyone who end up carrying the ball. Next Saturday his real football season starts, so guess what we will be doing every Saturday for the next few months?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st Day of School - August 20, 2008

Ryan & Alex returned to school this morning! Wow! A 2nd Grader & a 1st Grader - I can't believe it. Both were nervous, but excited. We walked to school and Shawn dropped off Ryan while I went with Alex to his class. Ryan said he would look for Alex at recess to "check up on him". Alex asked me approximately ten times if I would please come back to eat lunch with him. It should be much quieter at home with just Nick to chase around since Ryan & Alex will both be in school all day! They are just growing up so fast. I think this is going to be a really great year though.

Bear Lake Summer 2008!

We were fortunate enough to take a family vacation to Bear Lake again this year! Kallee & Ashley were able to come with us, so it was double-the-fun. We had a really nice time. We hung out, went to the swimming pool every day, rented jet skis, and played in the sand near the lake. We ate famous raspberry milkshakes and took advantage of spending lots of time doing nothing. It was great! Here are a few pictures:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Very Sad Event . . . . Nightly!

Shawn arrives home at 8:00 for his "dinner break" from work. Nickolas lights up from a bursting happiness. Nickolas runs to Shawn and insists on being picked up. Shawn eats his dinner standing up while holding Nickolas in one arm. Shawn finishes eating and spends the last few minutes before returning to work entertaining & tickling Nickolas. Shawn waves goodbye to Nickolas as he heads back to work. Nickolas runs as fast as he can towards the back door. Nickolas bursts into tears because Shawn is gone. Nickolas stands at the door crying for approximately 5 - 10 minutes.

This is our nightly routine. Nick loves his dad so much. Even his mom can't seem to soothe the pain of "dad going back to work". After the crying and sad face for 10 minutes, he is back to his happy little self!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Canyon County Fair

We spent a few hours last week at the Canyon County Fair. Ryan, Alex, and I spent our time on the carnival rides while Shawn and Nick walked around looking at the animals. Ryan and Alex both proved to be much braver this year and we went on quite a few "bigger" rides like the ferris-wheel, a roller coaster, and . . . . . . the "Octopus"! Yep, that's right - Ryan and I went on our first real fair ride together. I loved it and poor Ryan looked horrified once the ride actually started going. Even the carnival guy showed concern after the ride was over. He said, "Are you ok kid? You looked a little scared up there". Ryan barely made eye contact with him and said "Terrified!" as he rushed off the ride. We'll see what the next year brings. . . .