Sunday, July 24, 2011


Be prepared and be forewarned - this post contains A LOT of summer stuff! Mostly due to my own procrastination combined with a very crazy busy life filled with the miscellaneous activities of four boys. Let's start at the beginning:

AJ turned TWO! Can it be that my sweet little baby boy is turning into a real little boy (and even worse - a real independent-minded two-year-old!) He is the happiest kid you may ever meet. He is talking up a storm. He loves his family, loves running around, HATES swimming, and mostly loves being near his mom. AJ was recently throwing a small tantrum while strapped into his carseat and Ryan piped up to say that he learned from TV that a 2-year-old has no control over his emotions, that the "terrible twos" are actually a result of some changes occurring in the developing brain! Good to know, although it still seems likes a struggle to make it through this stage.

The summer has been filled with lots of happenings. So I will just post a few pics and let the captions do the talking:

This is what happens when Nick gets some alone-time with your camera!

PINEWOOD DERBY! They may not have been the fastest cars, but the boys were very proud of their cars. Nick even made a car for himself. (and yes, it is the block of wood with wheels!)


Without knowing how much longer my parents will be living in Kimberly - Kallee & Ashley planned a fun family reunion and we all gathered there over the 4th of July weekend.


My parents were honored as the "Kimberly Good Neighbors" this year. We made a quick trip to Kimberly to be there when the announcement was made and they were presented with a plaque. The next morning, they rode in the parade. Ryan & Alex rode with them in the VERY COOL convertible and had a great time!