Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter came and went so fast. I think because it fell near the end of tax season and I can barely keep the days straight. Kallee was here visiting and I could not be more grateful to her. She helped out so much with the boys. Nick stayed home with her every single day and she was willing to take him with her wherever she needed to go. She picked up Ryan & Alex from school - which they loved. She cooked dinner, she emptied the dishwasher. She was awesome! Thank you Kallee!!! We were all sad when the day came that she had to go back home. I think Shawn tried everything to convince her to move back. :o)

Easter was nice though. The day before, we had an office bbq and easter egg hunt. That was fun. We colored eggs and ate way too much candy.

Ashley & Kallee Visit Us!!

Kallee & Ashley came to visit and we had so much fun. It made me wish they lived closer. We played Rockband, went shopping, ate out, and hung out. Even Ryan chose to go to the mall with us (the amazing powers of the "aunts"!). Ashley only got to stay for a few days, but Kallee was on spring break so she stayed the entire week. We miss them already.

The Rollerdrome!

We went to the Birch Elementary night at the Rollardrome. The boys have been asking all year to attend this once-a-month school activity, so finally we went. It was really fun. I think we will go back sometime.