Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Summer Fun!

Ryan, Alex, and Nick took swimming lessons this summer and learned a lot.

Ryan jumps off the diving board!

Alex building up his courage to go under the water!

AJ & Grandpa

Some fun at the park!

LADY ANTEBELLUM CONCERT (oh yes - Tim McGraw Too!)
Perhaps the best part of my summer may have been the Lady Antebellum Concert (followed by headliner Tim McGraw)! I was so excited to see them in concert and they definitely didn't disappoint. It was awesome and someone (guess who?) may have just gotten a high-five from Lady A frontman Charles Kelley! Pays off to be tall with long arms! It was so much fun. Loved It!

Tim McGraw - yep, we had great seats!

Tim McGraw - Faith is a lucky girl!

It's True - this hand touched Charles Kelley

And here he is!

Just love them and their music

This is Ginormasaraus! A nickname for the man standing in front of us at the concert!

Could not have been a better concert!

Biggest Lady A Fans!

Jasmine (my friend) and I went off to Vegas for the weekend for some fun, fun, fun, with Kallee & Ashley. We had a great relaxing time filled with too much TV, reading pool-side, a lots of walking around Vegas! Thanks Kallee & Ashley for the good weekend.

Ryan starts TACKLE Football!
(his mom is terrified)

Some up-close-and-personal instruction from coach!

Conversation Corner

Walking into JCPenney to look for "school clothes" (well, mainly a Mario Tshirt!) and we hear elevator-type music playing over the speakers.
RYAN: I know why they play music while people are shopping.
ALEX: Why?
RYAN: To get them in a certain mood and then they buy clothes cause they feel the music makes them want to buy a specific style!
ALEX: What kind of crappy style does this music make ya want to buy?