Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching Up . . . .

Time flies when . . . it's tax season. Here are a few pics from our happy, crazy life lately. We are all doing really well. Spring Break is just around the corner. And - we are all counting down (approximately 9 weeks) until our new baby makes his entrance.


Ryan and Alex went to a "real haircutting place" called Razor Ray's! (especially for boys) They loved it. Alex was especially concerned that they might not wash his hair in a special sink and declared that he might have to go back to Walmart next time! But, they did wash his hair and he told the lady that was was a "hair cutting expert!" She asked if they wanted a specific style and Ryan said that he just didn't want to have to comb his hair in the morning.


A flyer came in the mail and happened to have a "football" on it, so Nick became obsessed with carrying it around and "reading it".

He is a very stubborn, yet very silly, kid. He loves anything-and all things-football.

Alex had a pajama-day at school. The day before, we happened to be in Walmart and he noticed some mario pajamas (the kind with feet) and really wanted them. They did not have his size, but he managed to convince Shawn to buy them anyways. (size 4 for a 6 year old?) Shawn said we would just "cut the feet out". So, we did. He was very excited to wear this "pajama suit" to school. I took a picture of him before leaving for school. He thought he looked pretty cool . . . gotta love this quirky kid!

Grandpa was visiting and built this tower for Nick. How sweet! He admired it for a few minutes before he took 10 seconds to destroy it. And what did our awesome Grandpa do? He built it again so that Nick could knock it down. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. . . .