Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ryan O'Dell #25!

Ryan's team scored 3 touchdowns in the last game . . . . but they were all called back due to holding penalties. Oh well! He is having so much fun playing football.

Dinner time = Self-feeding time = a very messy face!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alex's "Fabulous" Test Score!

Alex was so excited when he came home from school! He told me to look inside his backpack because he had a special award in there. He did have a certificate that said he was a "Super Student" for scoring a 100% on his first individual math test. He was so excited! He said that his teacher thought he did a "FABULOUS" job.

Dinner Entertainment

Ryan & Alex were entertaining Nick during dinner. Ryan was snorting like a pig, and Nick thought it was so funny! He was laughing and laughing. He also kept trying to imitate Ryan, which then entertained Alex & Ryan who burst into hysterical laughter! Sometimes, I just love my life!!!