Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Funny Story

We were driving home from work the other night when Ryan asked me an intriguing question:
Ryan: "Mom, I have a weird question for you."
Krista: "Ok."
Ryan: "Might be kind of rude."
Krista: "Ok."
Ryan: "Why did they put pictures of old, kinda ugly, ladies on money?"
Krista: "That's funny. Their not ladies . . . they are men . . . presidents."
Ryan: "Oh . . . they have long hair."
Krista: "Yes well, the men used to wear wigs."
Ryan: "Aaahhh . . . . . weird . . . . very weird."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day 2009 to the best dad (Shawn) in the entire world! He is more devoted to his boys than anyone I have ever known. I am so proud to be married to him. It makes me so happy to see Shawn with the kids. He is loving and kind. He has a sincere desire for the boys to grow-up to be honest, well-rounded, smart, decent men. I love watching him play with the kids. His energy can usually outlast anyone in a round of "tickle-tackle". He is a wise father with a big heart. We love you so much Shawn!!!

AJ is growing and changing so fast. I just adore him! I am sure if he could speak, he would ask that I stop smothering him with kisses, but I just can't help myself. I am so happy that he is here and part of my family.

Kisses, Kisses, And More Kisses

Here's another kid that I am just so happy that he chose me to be his mom. Nick adds such a brightness to our lives. He is happy. He is silly. He is entertaining. He is joyful. He is contagious as he seems to spread happiness with his laughter.

A Curious Kid

Who needs a daughter who experiments with scissors and whacks a chunk of hair off? We have Ryan! The day before this "experiment", Ryan & Alex both got their "summer haircuts". They looked so handsome in their short, yet stylish, haircuts. The following day - Ryan, being curious, decided to see exactly how the hair clippers worked and shaved a nice chunk of hair off. Way to go Ryan! Your mom has no idea how to fix this!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby AJ - 1 month old

Oh my! How does the time go by so quickly. Our precious baby boy is already one month old. He has adjusted to our crazy schedule fairly well. The first week back at work was a little rough, but we have lots of loving, helpful friends at the office who are more than willing to hold baby AJ when needed. He is growing so quickly. He is becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings. We are anxiously awaiting his first real "social smile"!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conversation With Nick

I have a daily conversation with Nick a few times a day, that goes something like this:

Nick: Where Dad?
Mom: At Work
Nick: Dad at Work?
Mom: Yep, Dad's at work.
Nick: Where Dad?
Mom: At Work
Nick: Dad at Peppi ("Pepsi")?
Mom: Yep, Dad's at Pepsi.
Nick: Where Ry-Ry ("Ryan)?
Mom: Ryan is upstairs.
Nick: Oh. Where E ("Alex" don't know where this came from)?
Mom: Alex is upstairs.
Nick: Oh. Where Pop-Pop ("Grandpa")?
Mom: Grandpa is at home.
Nick: Pop-Pop at house.
Mom: Yes, Grandpa is at his house.
Nick: Oh. Where Kah-yee?
Mom: Kallee is in Las Vegas.
Nick: Kah-yee on aaapane.
Mom: Yes, Kallee went on an airplane to Las Vegas.
Nick: Oh. . . . . (thoughtful pause)
Nick: Where Ashee?
Mom: Ashley is in Las Vegas.
Nick: No, Ashee on aaapane.
Mom: Yep, Ashley went on an airplane to Las Vegas.
Nick: Oh . . . . (thoughtful pause)
Nick: Mom, where not-pop-pop (this is a recent name for "Grandma")
Mom: Grandma?
Nick: Yes, where not-pop-pop?
Mom: Grandma is at her house.
Nick: Oh.
Nick: Mom, where Dora?
Mom: Dora the Explorer?
Nick: where Dora?
Mom: Dora is at home on the tv.
Nick: Oh. . . . (thoughtful pause)
Nick: Mom, where Dad?

Repeat . . . Repeat. . . Repeat.

I have this conversation with Nick at least three times a day. I am not kidding either. I often get a little frustrated and the conversation ends with:

Nick: Oh, sah-eee ("sorry") mom.

Gotta love this little guy. As my first two boys were late-talkers, I have never had a two-year-old that talks this much all of the time. He says the most randome, sometimes interesting, things.